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CFEA Statement on the Postponement of the
2020 Conference and Trade Show:

We are experiencing a difficult time in the world and, understandably, it is causing great levels of stress and anxiety for many.  As many of you know, the Governor of Colorado has issued a state of emergency surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. Below are two links to articles related to the news.

While much is still unknown about the current outbreak of COVID-19, Our first and foremost priority is and always will be the safety and well-being of our members.  Therefore, the Colorado Festivals and Events Association feels it is prudent to take social distancing measures as an organization, and as such we are postponing this years annual conference scheduled for April 1-3.

What we DO recommend is that all event organizers review the national Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website which contains interim guidance for preparing organizers of large community events and mass gatherings on its website. Below are a few of those recommendations — please visit the above-referenced web page for more detailed information and future updates.

1.      Promote the practice of everyday prevention actions to your staff, volunteers and attendees (hand-washing, etc.).
2.      Provide COVID-19 prevention supplies at your events.
3.      Plan for staff and volunteer absences.
4.      Promote messages that discourage people who are sick from attending your event.
5.      If possible, identify a space that can be used to isolate staff or attendees who may become ill at your event.
6.      Plan ways to limit in-person contact for staff and volunteers at your event.
7.      Develop flexible refund policies for participants.
8.      Identify actions to take if you need to postpone or cancel your event.

The guidance presented is based on what is currently known about COVID-19. The CDC will continue to update its general information webpage as more information becomes available.–568667371.html


Millions of people attend festivals and events in Colorado every year. Thousands of hours are dedicated to making them successful. Hundreds of industry professionals work to create lasting memories. One organization helps those people do what they do best.

The Colorado Festivals & Events Association supports the event industry professionals through professional development, networking and educational opportunities. We offer:

  • A place and opportunity for networking to generate business leads and connect with potential event resources
  • Continuing education to give you the knowledge and new skills that you need in your business and workplace
  • Professional resources to keep you informed of the latest industry trends
  • Member discounts
  • and more…
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